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October 30, 2006


"Trickman" Terry Minnich

Just doing a little searching and found this. I wholeheartedly agree, as this press release never reached my eyes before it was sent and posted in several places. I was mentioned in the above release, but I want to state for the record that I have since left every aspect of the press release author's (Martin Alessi's) endeavors and projects partly for the obvious reasons shown above. This release tainted my reputation as a video game industry icon and an editor. I do not agree with these marketing tactics and do not wish to be associated with them or the author. Thank you.

Vlad the Incognito

I actually enjoyed this piece that I found on Digg.
It's the first time I laughed my ass off and enjoyed a Press Release more than a magazine editorial or a blog!
You may knock whomever wrote this but perhaps he is an evil genius as he has the almighty MTV bitching about him and he shows up in the top rankings on Google when he is a nobody.
Maybe, just maybe, MTV has lost it's balls when Gen-X became boomers and you could learn a thing or two from this company called Massive Impact.
Oh that's right, MTV is joined at the hip with Sony...
No wonder you are so bitchy about it!
Sadly, your post is in the top five results on Google,
you played right into his hands it seems.

Vlad the Incognito

Who the hell is this "Trickman" Terry Minnchi?
Industry icon? I've never heard of him?
Editor? Of what publication?
Did a Google search and nothing comes up.
He sounds like he needs to join a monastery
or hire an escort and live a little.
Sounds very uptight and yet this release speaks well of him and now he is bashing the author and the company.
Sounds like a confused Neo-Con Bush supporter to me.

Vlad the Incognito

Holy[Expletive deleted]!
I just Googled this Alessi character and he's
all over 1up.com and used to be an EGM editor!
He's funny as hell and it almost seems like ZD has hired him to replace Sean Baby from what I can tell.
You must check his stupid, yet brilliant blogs out at the 1up.com site. It's worth 15 - 30 minutes of your time, trust me on this one even though you shouldn't trust me with your virgin daughters or your neck for that matter.


Yo, Vlad, how could you have never heard of Trickman Terry? Dude's a legend, especially in EGM. You must not know how to use Google too well, cause all you gotta do is type in "Trickman Terry" and a whole list of sites show up talking about him. If you knew anything about EGM, you'd know that Trickman and Martin were two of the main guys from EGM's early days along with Ed Semrad, Steve Harris, and Sushi-X. They're all legends, bro.

Although from the way you're hyping Martin's company and blog, and dissing anyone who ain't Martin, it sounds like you're Martin himself. Or his mom.

Vlad the Incognito

My fault...

Martin's mom is probably an abusive trailer park lush...

I Googled Terry Minnchi not Terry Minnich.

Oh... I see... Trickman Times is very funny.

Why did they part ways though?

Vlad the Incognito

Your website leaves much to be desired.
Are you a noob or just a friend of Terry's?


This is too weird! I met this guy Martin at a dive hotel LA a few weeks back and he gave me his business card. He was in town for a porn convention and we hooked up in the hotel bar becuase I liked his pentagram rings and his dragon necklace.
I was bored, as most college students are, and looked him up because he seemed to talk alot of [Expletive deleted]. Although he comes across as an ass, he is very smart and very well versed in Stregheria. His ideas were good and me being a fine arts major in Boston, I was happy to make a connection in the business. He spent the night in my room and we played Scrabble. He tried to get pictures of me but I wouldn't let him. As far as his press release goes, I have mixed feelings about it.
Not very professional but it defeinitely stirred some things up. As far as he goes, I might be visiting Chicago.

Vlad the Incognito

Too bad Martin didn't get any pix of you. I'd love to see them posted on his awesome blog.

Its also too bad that you just played Scrabble all night. Maybe Martin couldn't close the deal, if you know what I mean. I know that I could. Fine arts majors love me.

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