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June 15, 2007



Halo3 is linked to this if u dont belive go to halo3 forum @ bungie.net


numerous forums are investigating, lots of intriguing stuff. forums.Unfiction.com is a great ARG community covering it (search for Halo 3), as well as args.bungie.org, there's halo.wikibruce.com, and a number of other fan resources covering it... fell free to link!


just wow

Bronson (SiD)

Wow, Microsoft really is going all out on this one huh? I'm interested in seeing how this all turns out.

Dan Kennedy

It takes a real jerk to make a baby cry.


these folks have been spotted in london
any news there?


LOL ... HE made a baby cry!!! lmao.. and, yea this is connected to Halo 3... Everyone be awake on the 21st !!!


this is awesome, i have been there and met them, i know they will be in central park tomorrow, columbus circle 59th and Central park West 11 am come support the troops, we need the believers and the HALO 3 crowd see u there G


You can look at a baby the wrong way and cause it to cry. They just cry.

V R . G F X

hey guys i dont know if this is already been discovered but I went to the http://27.com and viewed the background image and looks interesting... check it out


Phyllis Chan

I saw a job posting on craigslist to be one of those crazy promoters for $16/hr for san francisco. They said it was guerilla marketing for a video game where you pretend to believe in aliens so I'd say this is it.


Make me a favor, all of you! Google: The Cortana Letters, you'll findout that there was also a website, I beleive It till exists. It had the same format as the societyoftheancients.com page. And it was mass viral marketing just like this one. Incase you are interested


People sit and question why this is all being done.. Microsoft and Bungie have just turned all of the game reporting sites into commercials for HALO 3 :D Think of how much exposure they have gotten from all the reporting on this rubbish lol...


ET phone home


What I dont understand is:

1) We know there is a Halo 3 duh!
2) We have or many have played a Halo 3 beta
3) We know when Halo 3 even comes out!

So what gets me is this...

Why on earth do we need to have viral marketing when we all know that Halo 3 is coming September 25/26?!

Judas Savior

We found this link embedded in the script of the society of agents membership site, as the link didn't work thought we'd take a closer look and found this member ship sign up form=S



yeahhhhhshhhhhhhhfook yeah!!!

Guilty Spark

Timmer, it's meant to create hype for the game.


uhmmm remember these guys r fuggin nerds y r u gunna believe them we haven't before y start now its just a BIG coincidence and wats up with these ancients crap. I HATE NERDS!!!they are so weird i just wanna pik one up and throw him through a window or sumtin seriously holy fuggin shit



Are You Kidding Me ..

Oh Cmon .. Halo 3 Did This? You People Are Pathetic.. HALO 3 IS JUST A GAME , AND A VERY GOOD ONE ON TOP OF THAT! It is The best game ever made .. but anyone who thinks this crap in a ziplock is realted .. you need to get a life

btw , i would own any of you Noobs in halo , get at me


u r frickin crazy

neah this is boring


for those who belive that life on this planet started by aliens.the same aliens that help us with evolution. the same aliens that make earth in a zoo...
stonehenge is a calendar built by the creators of life on this planet.
it help us understand that there is only one think that canot be recovered: TIME.
we can see the past by traveling in a very high speed(for humans), but it is impossible to travel.
stonehenge wasnt the only thing that they built no earth.
some say that easter island is "conected" to sotmehenge.
stonehenge...an giant clock ticking away


i just think that when god created the earth he talked to 3 man and 2 women about the most beautifull thing in the world: online gaming XD
and they wanted it so much that they gonne mad.
so god made the stonehenge with the simbol of halo and sayd:
"you will pwn in this game in you next life" and then sayd: "i pwn all things" and them god went to heaven to play gears of war. lool

of curse i dont belive in this theory because god dont exist. it is just an invention of man to explain certain things , to feel safe and used by the religions to keep the poor conformised... but that is another story.

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